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until sunrise. 57 here in town. by noon sunny and 65. a high around 70, 71. as we head toward 5:00 p.m. 67 degrees. if you have outdoor plans other than the clouds this morning, it will be quiet. we have a couple of showers in southern pennsylvania. a chilly start too. we have readings down to 45 winchester. closer to town we are holding on to 50s although it is 46 in la plata. a nice afternoon. sunshine high, upper 60s to low 70s. monika samtani smiling. i hope that is good news for timesaver traffic. >> we have one accident i have been telling you about this morning northbound side of prince william parkway. keep that in mind for your travel plans. other than that, you have your normal flow stuff as you leave
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dale city toward woodbridge. the brake lights for this begin closer to route 44, it is bunching up for the beltway. we'll go back to the maps. this time head to 270 on the southbound side. you see all the yellow leaving frederick. it is going to be off and on as you leave clarksburg. the length to 121. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:11. sad news this morning. this is something parents of young children you might want to find a way to tell them this yourselves. people at the national zoo are in mourning. >> and that is because the newborn panda cub has died. kristen fisher is life at the zoo with what happened. >> reporter: so sad. what a difference a week can make. you know last night this is what
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we know now. last night the zoo's pathology team performed their version of an autopsy on this panda cub. we are expecting to get the preliminary results from that at around 10:00 this morning. but by all accounts, from what we can tell at this point in time, it is a very healthy panda cub. there were no signs of visible trauma, of disease or illness. nothing to indicate anything was wrong until around 9:00 a.m. yesterday. that is when members of the panda team heard distress calls. the zookeepers needed to go in and get the cub. that is a dangerous situation with the 240-poundage tatted momma bear just a few feet away. one zoo keeper distracted her with hop any wort. another grabbed the cub and performed cpr for ten minutes but still no heartbeat.
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>> reporter: i'm worried about my keepers. the scientists and veterinarians. we have to keep them focused on the health of the mom. >> it was such a great opportunity and we all felt so good. we are heartbroken now. >> reporter: now the team is keeping a close eye on mom. this is the first time she ever last a cub. by all accounts she was an excellent momma bear. the team knows the rate of mortality for panda cubs is very high but they were looking forward to raising this cub to maturity. now they are just devastated, heartbroken that they are essentially back to square one. of the zoo's director says they will not stop trying, but it will be at least a year before they can begin to try again.
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back to you. >> kristen fisher live at the national zoo this morning. counselors will be on hand this morning at watkins mill high school a tenth grader was hit by a police officer car. the officer was responding to a fight at the school. the school's website said she is in guarded but stibble condition. the officer who hit richards is corporal -- but stable condition. the officer who hit richards is corporal raymond bennett. he is on paid leave. dc councilman jack evans said the chances of a commuter tax are pretty slim. he tells the washington examiner the idea is basically out of reach. for decades the district has tried to tie tax to people who work in the city, but live in harold and virginia. a committer tax could bring in about $800 million for the
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district. you still have until sunday to open an ez pass in virginia and get two free weeks. anyone will get a free ride in the new beltway high occupancy toll lanes. the 495 express lanes are set to open by the end of this year. jessica doyle is off today but we are still watching your money. general motors is slashing the price of the chevrolet voluntary. the plug in hybrid has struggled to find buyers. gm is giving 25% off. sales of the volt shot up 400% last month, but sales of the volt have fallen well below expectations. all those people waiting outside apple's store last week may have been on to something.
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people who pre ordered the phone are saying they might not get it for a few weeks. most were delivered by friday, however apple says some people may have to wait until next month. >> 6:06. the redskins office does not have any problem scoring points this year. >> the problem is the defense. it is a loud -- allowed 101 points. third quarter cincinnati quarterback andy dalton hit two touchdown passes for the win. skins lose 38-31. >> rg iii you are doing great. they will catch that ball because you throw that ball
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really well. that is what i want him to do. >> he does that very well. he was on his back a lot too. >> we'll hear from the team coming up in 15 minutes about a bizarre call by the referees sunday. they lost to the cowboys sunday 16-10. life insurance, it is not sexy, but it is important. in five minutes, why it is not just something for old people. you'll definitely want a sweater or coat this morning. coming up, howard is going to tell us when we'll have a warm-up. cook county illinois, where chicago is, has 962 bars. that is the most in the nation. number two is los angeles county, california followed by new york county in new york. >> the census bureau counts a bar as a place which primarily
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serves bos and no food. -- booze and no food. been spping smart, ca gettincash bk on what?d
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welcome back. howard here with your weather first. it is a cool morning. some spots down in the 40s.
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it is going to be a beautiful fall day. we'll be in the mid-60s for lunch time, sunshine, high temperatures upper 60s to low 70s. i'll be back in just a few minutes talking about a warming trend. here's a live look on the northbound side of i-95 in virginia. you have delays from woodbridge and again in springfield trying to get up on the beltway on i-95. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:18. here's what is making news now. all eyes on new york as the united nations general assembly begins its meeting of world leaders today. president obama will address the un during the week. hillary clinton will discuss the civil war in syria. the government of pakistan is distancing itself. they are offering a $100,000 reward for the death of the american film maker who made
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the movie that sparked protests in the muslim world. crews in washington state were able to keep them growing together over the weekend. it is a difficult traffic. so far the flames have destroyed several forest buildings. news that it is national life insurance month may make you want to go to bed. but it is important. joining us this morning is the director of wealth management at it i aa cref. who needs life insurance if it is not just for old people? >> anybody who has any sort of debt, student loan mortgage credit card debt. if you don't want to leave your loved ones with -- with paying for your final expenses, that is another reason to have life insurance. >> obviously people married, married with children, a single
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parent with children, it would be important for them to have life insurance? >> absolutely. to think about especially a working couple where maybe i'm sorry a company with children where one of them works and the other doesn't. actually important to have life insurance if something happens to the stay at home parent, they'll need to make up the benefit that person provided for raising the children. people who are small business owners should definitely have life insurance. if they die, what happens to the business? >> absolutely that can actually be a great reason to have term life insurance. if it is a new business, it is getting up and running right now and if there are debts associated with the business the debts of that business can potentially pass along to other family members. you want to not only provide with debts -- for debts there, if there is a transition up to give your family the ability to have income to meet the needs.
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>> you used the term, term life insurance. i know there is whole life. >> right. >> what do you need to exercise when you decide you do need life insurance and up to purchase it? >> sure. so term life insurance is usually less expensive and as the name implies, you can purchase it for 10, 15 or 30 years. if you know you have a set amount of time you need coverage for, term can be great. whole life, as the name implays, is there for your entire life. not only can it take care of needs that may arise when you are younger, but if you believe you may have needs when you are older too, whole life can be a great solution. there is also an investment component. >> basically if you have any object gaitionz, if you care about the people you leave behind you may want to consider various types of insurance. >> absolutely. mike? thanks andrea. when you head out to your car
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you are going to need a little travel mug because it is chilly. just a beautiful start this morning. >> in the 40s away from town. tonight a chilly night with 40s and 50s out there this is a beautiful time of we are. already seen some of the leaves turning. a couple of maple trees looking nice. bus stop forecast, 40s and 50s this morning. sunrise until 6:58. most of us 40s and 50s. day planner calling for plenty of sunshine although we have a few clouds early this morning. by midmorning we'll start to turn sunier from west to east. highs up close to 70 with still readings in the mid-60s at 6:00 p.m. this morning there is your chill. gaithersburg at 46. bowie 50. columbia 51 degrees.
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yes a chilly morning. still quite dark it is 6:15. 45 minutes or so, just under that until the sunrise. 57 under mostly cloudy skies at reagan national. winds are light. humidity 62%. in the great lakes with lots of 30s to around 40-degree readings in chicago. it is the ohio valley with the coldest air in the country. the southern areas still of 60s and 70s. showing you the rain in nevada and idaho and utah. these clouds are diving southeast. that is a sign that have cooler air that we were just showing you a moment ago. we are going to deal with a little bit of cool air for the first couple of days of the week. things are going to warm up, especially by wednesday.
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by lunch time, nice and sunny, so your plans today, no sweat outside. the plans or the temperatures. tonight is going to be clear and chilly. temperatures dropping in the 40s and 50s. a few more clouds tomorrow. a sprinkle tomorrow night. our showers increase on thursday. 70 degrees this afternoon. most going to stay in the 60s. tonight back in the 40s and 50s with clear skies. we get to 76, partly sunny. wednesday 83. again the stray shower north and westerly. by thursday friday saturday showers. you know the only problem we are facing right now is the volume, i'm happy to say. other than that, there have been been any big incidents to report. same story on 66 where of course you have the brake lights out
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of manassas into centerville. let's take a live look on the inbound side of i 66 from our sky 9 a slow exit here into manassas off route 34. especially on a monday, i'm happy to say it is incident free. back over to our maps, route 50 coming in from annapolis, you are okay both on the bw parkway and route 50. northbound 35 bunching up at duke street, traffic is moving well to the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more coming up. back to you guys. coming up next in sports, the nationals against the brewers. our question of the morning is 50% of women say they wear which of these things to make themselves feel more atracktive? make up, a push up bra or a
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wig? >> ed always has a witty response. he writes 50%? that would have to be make up. but i am not discounting those that wear the push up bras. on behalf of men, i would like to say thank you. keep those guesses coming. we'll reveal the answer at 6:53
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welcome back. 6:22 your weather first on this monday morning. a new clouds out there but it is dry and chilly. 40s and 50s this morning. certainly a jacket, sweatshirt, something to keep a little bit warm. it will be another nice fall crisp day with sunny skies returning here in just a few hours. we are going to struggle to get to 70 for that high of 66 degrees. michael? the redskins are 1-2 this morning but the fans are trying to stay optimistic.
6:23 am
>> the skins lost in a shootout of a game and penalties cost them again. >> fred davis called if a false start, both sides think the game is done. they start to come onto the field. the revs call an unsportsmanlike conduct pennell on the skins, maybe because kyle shanahan yelled at a ref. we are not sure. final hail mary. here we go, going for the gold. rg iii a little bit of a wobbler. redskins lose. after the game mike shanahan talked about this bizarre ending. >> obviously when you kill the clock, which we did, before that, it was a 5-yard penalty. there is no loss of ten seconds, they threw the flag the at us and half their football team was on the -- on the field. i was disappointed in that.
6:24 am
ravens justin tucker, ravens get the win. people will be talking about new england. coach bell grabbed the referee at the end of the game. he may get fined for that. >> someone touch the ref. the teams face off at 1:00 this afternoon with the nationals. hopefully the nats will have much better luck today. jayson werth with this pop fly. their magic number remains at 5. dc united is staying if the playoff. they hosted. s.a. last night in the 63rd minutes. the only goal of the game, dc
6:25 am
wins 1-0. the tie for third in the eastern conference standings. still ahead, pepco line workers may be going on strike soon. we'll tell you why. plus who went home a winner at last night's emmy awards. definitely 270 where it is one long slow lineup. route 85 all the way to 121, the lanes are open. the next northbound is 5:02. you are watching 9news now. ifrs
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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welcome back and good morning. this monday morning 6:29. it is definitely a chilly start. lower 50s depending on where you are waking up. just about 57 degrees there this morning. >> thank you for starting your monday with us. good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> good morning, i'm mike haiduk. good morning howard. temperatures in the north and west, north of winchester, 44 out there this morning under the partly cloudy sky. i want to show you that picture of the capital one a beautiful shot this morning. a few clouds out there the glow in the sky, sun rises at 6:58.
6:30 am
just a pretty morning out here. as we look at our day planner, temperatures are going to be 65 by noon. we are going to hit a high around 70 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of '67. still a pretty day ahead. satellite radar is nice and quiet. would have a few showers toward harrisburg, partly cloudy skies, 45 in winchester, 43 cumberland. baltimore 53 and andrews at 51. monika has timesaver traffic. >> reporter: inbound 66, although it is sitting on the shoulder i'm going to step out to see what it looks like on sky 9. the flashing lights causing delays through manassas. they continue to centerville before the pace improves. then it is heavy again as
6:31 am
normal route 50 toward 123 and vienna. keep this in mind for your travel plans. back over to our maps, this time on the north side of town, outer loop flowing down now as you can see here a little bit of yellow forming at college park. the pace is good beyond that as you head for 270. we'll go over to our next map, you got it from 85 down toward 121. back to our maps, we want to let you know penn line number 400 is canceled. and i'll in back with more traffic coming up at 6:43. back to you guys. just over six weeks ago until election day and the candidates are refocusing on economy. >> romney fought back against the accusations about his plan to fix the economy not being specific enough. >> i can tell them specifically i will not raise taxes on
6:32 am
middle income folks, i will not lower the share of taxes paid by higher individuals. >> he seems to only have one note. tax cuts for the wealthy and rolling back regulations as a recipe for success. >> the president is going to be in new york later today and mitt romney is going to be in colorado and mitt romney's personal taxes are finding their bay way back into the campaign news. >> reporter: charlie rose joins us now live. >> reporter: good morning mike and andrea. we'll show you how governor mitt romney is getting back on his economic message in a week that even his advisers describe as plowssive. ahead a top breast cancer surgeon reacts to new findings that could change treatment of the disease. that and more when we see you at 7:00. pepco utility workers could
6:33 am
be walking off the job. the washington report is posting union -- post is reporting union leaders want it rejected. pepco is calling this their last, best and final offer. the two sides have met with a mediator 51 times. and pepco is going back under fire at the maryland public services commission. it is looking at ballou utilities should be allowed to keep charging you with the power goes out. a lot of customers who lost power in the june storm paid that cost. today's hearing begins at 1:00 in baltimore. we are a region of smarty pants. six of the top ten counties in america with the highest rate of college graduates are right
6:34 am
here. in fact the top four are all local communities. arlington is number one. more than 70% of residents have at least a bachelor's degree. howard county is number two followed closely by alexandria and fairfax county. nationwide more than 28% of americans have a bachelor's degree or higher. there were sure bets and a few surprises at this week's emmy awards. people are definitely talking about the show time hit homeland this morning, as well as john dry cry erwining another award, this time the best actor in a comedy. >> in their finest designer dresses and tux seed doze -- tuxedos though paraded down the red carpet. >> all of you are winnerston. but in a much more literal way, most of you will be losers.
6:35 am
>> two and a half men's john cryer took home the outstanding lead actor. >> people say that this show is a comedy, and yet, i don't see anything funny about me being vice president of the united states. actor michael j-f announced the -- michael jfox -- michael j fox announced the winners. homeland dominated for outstanding series. and outstanding lead actress, clair danes. >> the entire cast is shamelessly committed. >> the amazing race picked up another win for outstanding reality program. in the variety show category, the daily show with john
6:36 am
stewart extended its winning streak to 12 straight years. now for a complete list of the winners, go to our time is 6:36. did you keep your car parked over the weekend? >> you might have missed car free day. but in nine minutes, learn what you can do on just about any day to help that cause. a chilly start to the morning. we have how many degrees here? 67 degrees but in the 40s outside the beltway. howard says he will hit 70 today. learn when the 80s will make a comeback. we'll be right back of the ♪
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♪ o, ahoooo yh ♪ o, ahoooo yh ♪ iovya ♪ oohye, h-h,ea [ ma aouer inodinnespiak popcn ip with8 tty ip fo12cari, u n inthflor of t mieho d ilst otrk. frdotonj. whatilyoga wh y le? fi tm t cck ale
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good morning, some sad news this morning out of the national zoo. this might make your children upset and it is making adults upset too, so if you have kids and you want to move them away from the tv, now is the time to do it. a week after celebrating the birth of a giant panda cub, the cub has died. do we know any more about what
6:41 am
happened to the panda? >> reporter: not anymore just yet. we are expecting to get the preliminary reports around 10:00 this morning. joining me now is a spokeswoman for the national zoo. pamela baker. pamela, we were so excited celebrating the birth of this panda cub. a week later the exact opposite. how are you doing this morning? >> you are absolutely right. we went from joy to devastation. this is a big loss for us. we are in the conservation business, it is life and death but this is a big always. >> reporter: the giant panned da is so important to the national zoo and by all accounts this was a healthy cub, no signs of trauma, in signs of infection. when they first heard the distress cries from the momma panda the team had a plan in place and by all accounts they executed it perfectly correct? >> in fact we have protocols
6:42 am
for this, they train for these kinds of situations. the first distress call put everybody into action. they called the vet teams, tried to get her out of her den and she would not move. finally they went in, behind bars, they were safe, with a long stick to retrieve the cub safely. >> reporter: safely being the key point point here. this is a big wild animal. >> right a large carnivore, and they also were thinking of the cub. they did not know what condition the cub was in. you can't just go in and grab a cub. it is total team work, they executed very, very well. unfortunately, they could not resuscitate the cub. >> reporter: they did all they could. i'm so sorry for the loss,
6:43 am
pamela will be back out here today you won't be speaking about this but the veterinarian and the zoo's director will be out here at 10:00 this morning. again the pathology team will give preliminary results of what happened to this cub at around 10:00 this morning. the full results won't be getting those for another two weeks. but a very, very sad day out here. back to you andrea. our facebook friends are leaving their thoughts on our facebook fan page. vicky writes so sad. i remember being in the second grade in fairfax and going on a field trip to see the original pandas. so sad for the entire staff and the mother. and laura writes i was looking forward to seeing the baby panda. it was so amazing to have another cub after so long. you can post your thoughts to this or any other story by
6:44 am
going to okay. time now for monika. she's got traffic. >> reporter: if you are planning to head around town right now, what you are going to find is a opportunity of volume, but luckily no big deals to report early this monday morning. your rush hour definitely is in full force. northbound 95 we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like here in springfield again. it is still moving i would say fairly well as you approach the beltway and the brake lights through landmark. this time i want to let you know if you are planning to take mark trains, there is an issue on mark penn line 400. train 502 will depart at 6:15.
6:45 am
here is howard. you have only got good news for us today? >> reporter: another beautiful day, kind of like yesterday. we'll start with the bus stop forecast, you are going to need some wrap, jacket, shawl. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: it is a little bit on the crisp side, we have areas in the mid-40s out there. sunrise coming up in about 13 minutes or so. we'll have a nice day today. here's a quick look outside with your day planner. we have just a few clouds at the moment. by noon it will be sunny. northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. this morning we have the chill out, especially away from town. fredericksburg 49. cumberland 43. a 3 in oakland.
6:46 am
here's wisconsin avenue, bethesda in the distance. 57 degrees under partly to mostly cloudy skies. humidity at 62%. coolest stuff in the country. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we are holding in the 40s and 50s. storm system out west, this is going to bring a surge of warmth toward us as it comes across the country. cool air this morning coming in toward the great lakes. these clouds are diving south and east. an early touch of winner across parts of eastern canada. for us, we need some isolated showers this morning. up toward 70 today and mostly sunny. tonight chilly again, clear
6:47 am
skies, 40s and 50s, 76 tomorrow a very nice day. tomorrow night 50s, a stray shower by wednesday morning north and west of town. 83 wednesday, thursday a couple of showers, 75. still a few showers into the weekend with a high of 75. this weekend was car free day. a chance for you to leave your car in your driveway and explore your community on foot, by bike or mass transit. nicholas is with computer connections. how did the turnout go? >> it was great. we had over 7000 individuals a beautiful day, a lot of folks got out on their bikes and a lot of folks walked. >> they give prizes out for taking the pledge. tell us about the prizes.
6:48 am
>> we have a free ipad, free groceries that were given out. free pizza coupons on car free day. we are going to be doing the drawings this week. we'll have the prize win heirs announced later in the week yew what do you suggest for someone who it is for the practical to go car free? > >> there are other ways that you could go car light, is essentially what we have kind the phrase. >> and car sharing i suppose? >> car sharing helps, absolutely. >> for someone who missed car free day what about the events coming up in the near future? >> there are some upcoming events that we have, including
6:49 am
the walk and ride challenge in montgomery county. if you are in a transportation management district that is participating and your company is, it gives you a chance to track the number of walking trips. also arlington is having a walk about, these are self guided tours within arlington. in dc there is biking town and walking town, guided tours of all the wards in the district. then there is also national bike or i'm sorry, walk to school day. >> right in early october right? >> part of the state program in october. >> sounds great. you had what? about 7000 people participate? >> it was a weekend so it was a little bit of a different change up for us if terms of the day of the week. hopefully that will grow again as we move forward. keep us posted. we'll have all the information you just talked about nicholas,
6:50 am
thanks for being with us. a check on the news before you go, is up next. ifrs
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welcome back. jury weather first on this -- your weather first on this cool crisp day. sunshine returns, 65 by lunch time, highs today approaching 70, maybe 71. going to feel fantastic. michael? good morning, here's a check on the news of the counselors will be at watkins mill high school this morning. a 15-year-old student was hit by a police car friday. the officer was responding to calls of a fight at a football game. the girl who was hit is still in the hospital, the officer is on administrative leave. police are looking for three people involved in a stabbing.
6:54 am
two men were attacked during a robbery afirst northwest sunday. the victim should survive. time for me to pay up on my bragging rights. i don't have them this morning. justin tucker hit a field goal last night to give baltimore the win over the patriots. baltimore now 2-1. patriots 1- 2. >> at least your team has experienced victory. let's get the answer to our question of the morning. 50% of women say they wear which of these things to make themselves feel more attractive? make up, a push up bra or a wig? >> gravity wins. push up bra is the answer. >> twiggy was always my role model. >> weather and traffic right after this on 9news now.
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one more thing before we go. what do you think of the replacement referees? >> deangelo hall said they would pony up some money in the redskins locker room to try to get the good guys back man the games have suffered. >> the clock issues, marking off penalties the wrong yardage it seems. it is a comedy of errors but you can't fault those guys as maybe the refs being too greedy. >> my question was, and you had a good answer. they reffed high school or college. >> perhaps the speed of the game they are so much faster, much more going on and there are some subtle rules differences too. >> boy it is a mess. let's nullify the first three games. i'm for that.
6:59 am
>> the main refs holding out for what they are doing, it is a part time job, are they asking for too much? weatherwise, it is beautiful day. 70 degrees this afternoon. mid-70s tomorrow, low 80s wednesday. could be a stray shower by wednesday morning. monika? epenn line 415 is canceled between baltimore and bwi. keep that in mind. a quick look from our sky 9. the beltway here south of i 66 not looking bad at all through an endale. cbs this morning is next. and howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. get updates at news weather and traffic by visiting us at wusa take care, everybody.

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